My iOS 7 wishlist

Summary:While I can say with no doubt that iOS 6 is the best version of iOS released by Apple so far, I can still see a lot of room for improvement.

#4 - File manager

I'm continually amazed that there's no central way to manage files in iOS. I have to organize photos using the Photos app, music using the iTunes app, and my spreadsheet and word processor documents using a myriad of applications.

It's a mess. I have three programs for handling Microsoft Office documents -- because sometimes a particular app has problems with certain documents. I have to remember which app was used to edit/save the document and be able to find the document again.

Why can't we have a single, central app that allows us to handle and manipulate user-created files through a single interface? I'm not expecting Apple to give me access to the iOS file system, but being able to have access to my files would make finding, organizing, and managing them a lot easier.

Again, jailbrokein devices can already enjoy this feature.

#5 - Call/iMessage blacklist

Come on Apple, there are people that I don't want to get calls or iMessages (or for that matter text messages) from. Please give me an easy way to control who can and cannot get in touch with me.

Once again, the jailbreak community is way ahead of Apple.

#6 - Ability to change default apps

I don't use Safari on iOS that much any more. I also don't use Apple's abysmal Maps app. I also have my own calendar and contacts app. But Apple continues to try to force its own apps on me every opportunity. Click on a link in an email and it opens in Safari. Click on a time or date in an email and it opens the Calendar app. And no matter what, Apple still thinks that its Contacts app is the one and only way I should be organizing my contacts.

What I want is a way to tell iOS that I no longer want Apple's apps to handle certain features, but instead use the that apps that I have hand-picked to do the job.

Most of Apple's apps are good, but there are better apps available in the App Store.

#7 - Faster access to settings

Why does Apple continue to want to bury access to settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness and so on. iOS 6 did remove a few taps to access some of these settings, but I think that access should be much easier.

For handsets that have been jailbroken, there's already an excellent app that does just this. It is called SDSettings and it does a lot of things that I wish iOS would do out of the box.

Here's a video showing SBSettings for iOS 5 that will give you an idea of this app gives you faster access to iOS settings by utilizing the Notification Center.

Something like that please, Apple.

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