Native Windows 8 on a Mac mini: first impressions

Summary:ZDNet's David Gewirtz spent the weekend installing Windows 8 on a Mac mini using Bootcamp. His observations and early impressions (along with descriptions of some of the problems he ran into) are described in this helpful article.


So there you are. The jury is still out on this little adventure. After devoting three full days getting this system up to snuff and migrating all our applications and data over, I’m hoping this is a workable solution. I also very much like having the option to reboot and have a Mac environment for some of the tools I use on the Mac side of the computing world (I don’t like OS X, but some applications are invaluable).

I’m disturbed by some of the weird behaviors (the keyboard repeats, the sound issue, the occasional slow-downs, and the challenge of getting video to full-screen properly), but overall, it’s a crisp system that works surprisingly well.

And, despite all our hand-wringing, Windows 8 doesn’t seem to be nearly as bad as we’d all worried it would be – at least once you put the Start menu back in place.

Stay tuned. I’ll have more to say, including details about setting this all up to begin with. But, for now, I’m just going to see if the machine behaves itself for a few days.

POSTSCRIPT: I’ve typed about 12,000 characters and the keyboard hasn’t gone into repeat mode. Let’s hope it continues to behave itself.

Special thanks to Ed Bott for his hints for getting this set up.

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