NAVIGON delivers MyRegion GPS iPhone App for $25 per region

Summary:NAVIGON's MyRegion makes turn-by-turn on the iPhone affordable at $25 per region.

If you're looking for a solid GPS application for your iPhone, look no further than NAVIGON's offering.

NAVIGON has been in the GPS business for a while, and when I was running Geek, their offerings were a particular favorite of mine. Unfortunately, a while back they exited the competitive GPS hardware space in the United States but when the iPhone came out, they were among the first to release an App for it. At the time the App was known as MobileNavigator and is still available today for $79.99.

Now the company has come forward with a more economical offering known as MyRegion. NAVIGON MyRegion sells for $24.99 and comes with all of the same features as its full MobileNavigator 1.4 product, plus the addition of MyRoutes, which offers the user customized route recommendations based on his/her driving.

If you're not familiar with all that you can get with the NAVIGON offering, the list includes turn-by-turn directions (even when offline since it has the map loaded on the iPhone), Google Local Search, Reality View™ Pro, branded in-route POI’s, seamless in app iPod controls, enhanced pedestrian mode, and NAVIGON MyRoutes. You can also perform an in-app purchase to get live traffic information using the company's Traffic Live feature, and if you're so inclined, purchase additional regions, too.

I'm a daily user of AT&T's Navigator product, but now I'm very tempted to switch. Granted, AT&T's offering includes a bunch of other features that you have to perform in-app purchases on the NAVIGON app to match, and even some features that NAVIGON can't match, but at least now there's a viable, economical alternative.

You can read more about MyRegion at NAVIGON's iPhone site, including all of the other features that the App has to offer.

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