NBN campaign targets Turnbull's electorate

Summary:Supporters of FttP broadband have crowdsourced enough money to target Australian Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull's electorate with a full-page advertisement in his local newspaper.

They've raised over AU$60,000 and they're after more. You might remember them: It's the same group that garnered a quarter of a million online signatures in a petition at Change.org last month.

The group, called Saving the NBN, is calling on the Abbott government to invest in a fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) National Broadband Network (NBN) model over the cheaper, but much slower, fibre-to-the-node option it campaigned for at the election.

When Malcolm Turnbull opens the Wentworth Courier on Wednesday morning, he'll see the full-page ad, featuring a close-up of an ear impersonating his own, with a graphic of a muted earphone sitting outside the eardrum.

"Malcolm, perhaps you haven't heard us clearly," the ad says in large text.

"Fibre to the premises is the clear choice: It's 20 times faster, costs just 1/3 more than fibre to the node, and is supported by a strong majority."

A total of $58,809 from 2,805 people had been donated to the campaign at Indiegogo.com as of 10pm (AEDST) on Tuesday — landing it on the international website's front page as the most popular current political campaign.

"Right now, Malcolm Turnbull's conducting a major review of the NBN — it's a critical time," the group's plea for donations says.

"He's now saying he's open to a range of technologies. This shows he is listening, a little at least, and we have a window to influence his decision."

And with Wednesday's ad coming in at just AU$7,000, the group is promising the minister that it will ramp up its efforts unless he starts listening more closely.

"There's a bit of money to play with. We're looking to get on-the-ground engagement as well, so we'll be exploring those options with a full-time campaign person," the ad's approver, Sydney-based university student Alex Stewart, told AAP.

Turnbull has previously responded to the group's online petition, saying he won't walk away one of the Coalition's "most well-debated, well-understood, and prominent policies".

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