NBN conference postponed: nothing worth talking about

Summary:The NBN was for years such a hot-button topic that the country couldn't say enough about it. Yet as the Coalition government lets the current rollout coast, one conference organiser found there was nothing worth saying about it.

A telecommunications-industry conference about the national broadband network (NBN), originally planned to be held in Melbourne on March 13, has been postponed after organisers concluded the current rollout isn't interesting enough to merit discussion.


Slattery IT''s NBN Realised Forum attracted hundreds of delegates in 2011 and 2012 on the back of often-technical presentations from senior engineers and executives at NBN Co, Communications Alliance, Nextgen Networks, Service Stream Communications, and other organisations integral to the rollout.

Strong past support had put a 2014 event on the cards, particularly in the wake of the change of government that has seen the new Coalition government take power and systematically revisit every aspect of the NBN effort.

"When planning began for these events many months ago we anticipated by March 2014 there would be plenty to talk about, which does not now seem to be the case."

Planning was underway, the Web site was up, the catchphrase ('Embracing Change') chosen and the date booked – but when it came time to finalise the program for NBN Realised 2014, organisers concluded there was nothing happening around the NBN that was worth discussing.

"The stakeholders of the NBN Realised Forums felt that to maintain the quality and value of the Forums it was not possible to hold them at this time," a Slattery IT spokesperson told ZDNet Australia.

"When planning began for these events many months ago we anticipated by March 2014 there would be plenty to talk about, which does not now seem to be the case."

"It is hoped that these events will be rescheduled for the end of this year when there is more to talk about, and the content will be of value to those in attendance."

The new Coalition government has been steadily winding back the hyperbole around the $41 billion project – putting a broom through  the NBN Co board, running out the clock on existing contracts, slashing excess telecommunications regulation, and leaving large swathes of the industry in limbo as communications minister Malcolm Turnbull awaits the results of several enquiries into its genesis  and current status.

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