Netgear's ProSecure platform helps SMBs manage social media

Summary:The all-in-one gateway platform combine partners' enterprise-strength security solutions with stream scanning technology to search and identify threats faster than conventional methods.

The fun at work might be over, but it's all in the name of network safety.

Netgear unveiled a new security solution at the 2012 RSA Conference on Tuesday morning, designed to reduce lost workplace productivity time by monitoring and managing inappropriate, non-business related Internet and social media activity among employees.

Certainly, many of us would agree that plenty of people in the workplace (regardless of where they fall on the ladder) spend and waste too much time on social media and networking sites when they could be doing something else.

Netgear argues that small businesses, in particular, face bigger challenges in this arena -- not so much because of lost productivity but rather from security threats, putting both company employees and assets at risk.

Enter Netgear's ProSecure line of products, a series of SMB solutions designed to manage social media and provide more robust network protection.

The all-in-one gateway platform combine enterprise-strength security solutions from Commtouch, Mailshell, and Sophos with stream scanning technology. This offers Netgear's platform to use their virus and malware threat databases at a speed boasted to be five times faster than "conventional methods."

Application control and firewall

  • Support up to 1,500 applications including instant messaging, P2P, Web access, FTP, Mail, and multimedia applications
  • 3-level application control: Category, application, and behavior
  • Control on login, chatting, file transfer, conferencing for IM, including MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, QQ, ICQ and others

Traffic Management

  • Traffic shaping and quota limit on 50+ instant messaging, P2P, Web access, FTP, Mail, and multimedia applications
  • Policy-based traffic shaping and quota limit by application categories
  • Control on bandwidth for P2P, including BT, eDonkey, Thunder, Share, Winny, and others


  • Support 2000+ IPS rules
  • Operation mode: Inline, Monitor
  • Layer 3/Layer 4 integrity check
  • Protocol decoders: HTTP, FTP, telnet and others
  • Segment reassembly from the network layer to application layer

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