NetWorld+Interop: Novell's directory-enabled NT firewall

The company says the product will work hand in hand with NDS and LDAP so customers can set security policies based on directory information.

On the face of it, the idea of Novell providing firewall protection for Windows NT sounds silly. After all, other products, such as Axent Technologies' Raptor for Windows NT, already provide such services.

Look again. Novell, with its announcement Tuesday of Novell FireWall for NT at NetWorld+Interop in Atlanta, is moving beyond providing firewall and traffic management services. Its firewall will work hand in hand with NDS (Novell Directory Services) and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). The result should be a firewall that enables resellers and customers to set security policies based on directory information. Thus, by using an NDS-enabled firewall, the theory is that administrators will be able to manage security, bandwidth and directory services from one management point. This approach should make it far easier to manage user and group network usage.

Novell has already deployed the solution on a trial basis with one company. For most resellers, the product will be available in the fourth quarter. Pricing will begin at $2245 (£1392) for the firewall and bandwidth traffic manager platform with a 25-user license.


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