News to know: Adobe; XP era ends; Enterprise 2.0; Apple

Notable headlines:Dancho Danchev: How to recover GPcode encrypted files?Larry Dignan: Adobe ups outlook; Creative Suite chugs alongXP era ends: Will Vista step up?

Notable headlines:

Dancho Danchev: How to recover GPcode encrypted files?

Larry Dignan: Adobe ups outlook; Creative Suite chugs along

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: SunSpider JavaScript benchmark and ACID 3 compatibility charts - Firefox 3.0 RC 3 and Opera 9.50 added

Joe McKendrick: Are SOA 'centers of excellence' luxuries or necessities?

David Morgenstern: Blizzard of Snow Leopard Scat Robin Harris: Apple's Grand Central threat to Microsoft

Techmeme: Yahoo's Weiner to Accel; Yahoo's Decker emails the troops

Zack Whittaker: Students (unaware/don't care) about music legalities

Photos: Dinosaur Sighting: The original Apple Macintosh Classic

Joshua Greenbaum:, Partners, and Value-Added SaaS

Michael Krigsman: Windows Live FolderShare: unacceptable 3-day outage

Dana Gardner: 'Instant replay' helps software developers fast-forward to application problem areas

Dennis Howlett: Enterprise 2.0: Lively conversations driving change

TechRepublic: Should IT consultants pay for their stupid mistakes?

Video: Take control of any Windows PC on the Internet with CrossLoop

Dan Kusnetzky: Mokafive Version 1

Photos: Backstage tour of Kennedy Space Center (right)

Mary Jo Foley: Why is Microsoft sponsoring the Open Source Census?

Heather Clancy: High-tech trifecta dabbles in solar technology

Matthew Miller: Mobile software Monday: SMS-Chat from VITO Technology

ReadWriteWeb: 11 Search Trends That May Disrupt $15 to check a bag, but free to charge an iPod

AppleInsider: Apple's open secret: SproutCore is Cocoa for the Web

Christopher Dawson: There's data and then there's asking for trouble Pigs is pigs and data is data

Survey: WiMax may have enterprise mojo; Unified communications interest (and confusion) abounds

Andrew Nusca: NVIDIA launches the 'best performing GPU on the planet'

Roland Piquepaille: Nanoscale microscope on a chip

Dana Blankenhorn: Sudden death and the search for answers

Steve O'Hear: MySpace redesign is about ad dollars more than aesthetics

Denise Howell: Overly restrictive A.P. quoting guidelines risk winning battles at the war's expense

Christopher Dawson: Don't forget the fan

MediaPost: Web Do-Over: ABC Gives TV Advertisers Makegoods—Online

Meet Jerry Yang, pinata

Dignan's Memo: AT&T bets big on the iPhone


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