News to know: Amazon S3 outage; iPhone 3G; SOA debugging; Microsoft

Notable headlines:Michael Krigsman: Amazon S3: 'Elevated error rates'. TechmemeGigaOm: S3 Outage Highlights Fragility of Web ServicesDana Blankenhorn: Do open source applications take security seriously?

Notable headlines:

Michael Krigsman: Amazon S3: 'Elevated error rates'. Techmeme

Dana Blankenhorn: Do open source applications take security seriously?

Dancho Danchev: Spam coming from free email providers increasing

Ed Burnette: iCrash: Buggy apps tarnish iPhone 2.0 appeal

Phil Wainewright: SaaS vendor quits browser to boost sales

Joe McKendrick: Software debugging costs rise; SOA blamed

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows 'Workstation' 2008 better than Vista? OK then, show me the money!

Dana Blankenhorn: Sun Open SSO to have just one flavor

Silicon Alley Insider: Uber-Hacker Kevin Mitnick Signs Tell-All Book Deal

Jason Perlow: DIRECTV: Well HERE's Your Problem, Ma'am...

Jason O'Grady: My top 10 free iPhone applications. Gallery (right)

Garett Rogers: Android losing its mojo fast

Deb Perelman: My Awesome IT Job: Senior security engineer, VoIP carrier

Nate McFeters: Obama calls for comprehensive cyber-security measures; looks for a national cyber ninja

Mary Jo Foley: Open-source Castle Project founder joins Microsoft

Paul Murphy: If sameness is a recipe for losing, how do you win?

TechRepublic: Measure Dell M1000e and M600 Power Consumption

Krigsman: Levi Strauss: SAP rollout 'substantially' hurt quarter

Jennifer Leggio: Proving Scoble wrong, Qik lives on and opens public beta to boot

Inside Facebook: Facebook Redesign Launches - Tour & First Impressions of New Home Page

NYT: My Son, the Blogger: An M.D. Trades Medicine for Apple Rumors

Larry Dignan: Legg Mason takes Yahoo's side vs. Icahn; Yang takes campaign to home page

Christopher Dawson: Intel World Mural project - just what will the next 40 years bring?

DSLReports: Rogers Uses Deep Packet Inspection f

Dana Gardner: WSO2 adds data services and security features in Mashup Server 1.5

Ryan Stewart: Rich Internet application startup ideas Y Combinator wants to see

Offshore outsourcers turn cautious

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week

Matthew Miller: iPhone Dev Team jailbreaks and SIM unlocks iPhone 2.0 in one week

IT Facts: Fastest-growing US web sites in May 2008

Roland Piquepaille: Towards low-cost LED lighting

Jeremy Allison: Tough love: Linux needs more hatersHeather Clancy: You won't hear this winery whine about going green. Some tips for SMBs looking for green tech ideas

Zack Whittaker: Untrustworthy students: lighten your restrictions The Internet—a private eye's best friend

Richard Koman: Mom, EFF fight back over take-down notices

Andrew Nusca: Weekend Gadget Guidance: Benchmark your PC, free

Kingsley-Hughes: The potential fallout from Apple vs. Psystar

Video: The perils of information overload


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