News to know: IDF; Windows 7 wishes; IE 8;

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Larry Dignan: Salesforce acquires InStranet; Will take...

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Larry Dignan: Salesforce acquires InStranet; Will take it SaaS and better target call centers

Ed Bott: My Windows 7 wish list

Gallery: Creative uses for USB ports (right)

Larry Dignan: Why there's a software support and maintenance revolution underway

Mary Jo Foley: IE 8 to get 'porn mode'?

TechRepublic: Advice to twentysomethings: Hiring managers don't want your text messages

Mitch Ratcliffe: eBooks volume 3: What is the right price for a device that holds 100s of books?

Larry Dignan: HP delivers strong third quarter fueled by blades, international, notebooks

Sam Diaz: Live from IDF: Entertainment, WiMax and a sense of security.

Ryan Naraine: Android security team appeals to hackers

AppleInsider: Steve Jobs vows iPhone app crash fix for September

NYT: EBay Is Planning to Emphasize Fixed-Price Sales Format Over Its Auction Model Webware: Microsoft sees tailored search as way to pierce Google's armor

Joe McKendrick: Who should lead SOA? Enterprise architects or business analysts?

Roland Piquepaille: New algorithm speeds up networks

Heather Clancy: Another way to ditch your gadgets the green way and earn some money in the process

Richard Koman: invests in geothermal

Andrew Mager: An Event Apart 2008: Day 2

TechRepublic: 10 security challenges facing closed source software

Michael Krigsman: The triple sins of IT failure

Jason O'Grady: Dell to offer one year warranty extension on GeForce 8600M GT

Dennis Howlett: SEC introduces IDEA

TechCrunch: Apple Is Flailing Badly At The Edges

Dancho Danchev: Scammers caught backdooring chip and PIN terminals

Video: Will Facebook apology backfire in a lawsuit?

CIO Sessions: The Weather Channel CIO: Brian Shield

Matthew Miller: BlackBerry Kickstart specs appear on Expansys retailer site

Richard Koman: The 2008 Google(tm) Democratic Convention

Dignan: What's future proofing worth? Analyzing the Verizon FiOS bet

Jason O'Grady: Apple releases iPhone 2.0.2, as usual, sans changelog

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Psystar fails to meet court deadline again

Dana Blankenhorn: I am I, GoogQuixote, the lord of free wireless

Fred Wilson: The Human Piece Of The Venture Equation

Dana Gardner: Morph Labs and FiveRuns combine efforts to support, test and monitor Rails apps

Steve O'Hear: Yahoo Buzz! opens up, let the gaming begin

Jennifer Leggio: PitchEngine revs up public beta, puts the social in PR

Google, Apple surge in customer satisfaction rating

Is the enterprise ready for cloud computing?


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