News to know: Virtual PC 2007; IT leadership; Joost's big deal

Notable headlines: Dion Hinchcliffe: Tracking the DIY phenomenon Part 1: Widgets, badges, and gadgets.Viacom to license content to Joost: WSJ.

Notable headlines: 

Dion Hinchcliffe: Tracking the DIY phenomenon Part 1: Widgets, badges, and gadgets.

Viacom to license content to Joost: WSJ.

Jason O'Grady: The DVD-R (at right) media that destroyed my SuperDrive (photos).

Donna Bogatin: John McCain announces McCain Space.

Wind River acquires real-time Linux tech.

Engadget: It's official: XM and Sirius plan to tie the knot. Techmeme discussion. Business coverage. Russell Shaw: XM and Sirius-This Marriage Could Work IF. What do you think?

Computerworld: Are IT leaders made or bornBrajeshwar asks are you a Programmer or a Coder?

Ryan Naraine: Massive DDoS attack KOs anti-phishing group.

Mary Jo Foley: Virtual PC 2007, downloadable now, supports Vista as host and guest. Vista-compatible SQL Server 2005 SP2 ships. New Longhorn Server test build released; Beta 3 up next.

Images (at right): A Web lesson plan from the South Pole.

Dell on the comeback trail:

Ed Burnette: Dell customers demand Linux on new customer feedback site.

Steve O'Hear: Dell crowdsources innovation.

News: Dell's new kids on the block.

Larry Dignan: Dell may get serious about product design.

Donna Bogatin interviews iStockphoto CEO a year after being acquired by Getty Images.

Paid Content: MySpace May Beat Yahoo On Pageviews, But Not When It Comes To Attracting Advertisers.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: AnyDVD HD defeats AACS on HD-DVDs. Houston, Wii have a problem. A winning business plan for Second Life.

Read/WriteWeb: Why AOL Created 63 Million New OpenIDs.

Joe Mckendrick says Signs abound that SOA is moving to the sweet spot of the market. Another view: clear IT ‘clutter’ before thinking about SOA. Dana Gardner: A look at Tibco's SOA tools, ESBs as platform, webMethods Fabric 7.

Think you know your mobile keyboards? Guess right and you might win an i-mate JAQ3, says Matthew Miller. Keyboard images (at left).

Garett Rogers: Google lets you suggest a better translation.

Jason O'Grady has a few Apple TV theories.

Computerworld: Web 2.0 could usher wave of storage disruption.

Infinite Loop: 75 percent of Vista reviewers bring up MacOS X.

ZDNet UK: Cuba to move to open source


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