News to know: Vista kernel tampering; YouTube ads; Tafiti; Roomba fun

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Can Microsoft ever stop kernel tampering in Vista?Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: My 7-step Windows Vista reliability action plan.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Can Microsoft ever stop kernel tampering in Vista?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: My 7-step Windows Vista reliability action plan. Playing music severely degrades network transfer performance in Vista. Mary Jo Foley: Can Vista SP1 help polish Vista’s tarnished image? Ed Bott: We ne

ed less whining, more complaining about Vista. Photos: Safe landing for the Shuttle.

David Berlind: Tech Shakedown follow-up: Problems with McAfee Security Suite resolved.

Dennis Howlett: OpenID for unlocking enterprise value.

YouTube tests viewer-friendly ad format. Techmeme. Garett Rogers: Picasa adds support for seven more languages.

Reuters: TD Ameritrade and E*Trade in merger talks: report.

Larry Dignan: Peter Biddle: Enterprise social networking ready for lift-off.

Financial Times: Apple secures Europe iPhone revenue deals. Larry Dignan: Analyst: iPhone demand solid; new features would be nice.

Robin Harris: Blu-ray vs HD-DVD: Bonus play! Jason O'Grady: Will Apple dump Blu-ray?

Sucking it up with the new Roomba. Gallery (right).

Engagdet: Dear Palm: It's time for an intervention.

Dan Kusnetsky: Why do organizations adopt virtualization technology? Why do organizations adopt virtualization technology?--part II

Michael Krigsman: Hey SOA, where's my ROI?

Dan Farber: Social networking invades U.S. intelligence agencies.

Google reverses itself on video refunds.

Dana Blankenhorn: Today’s Debate: HIPAA, end it or mend it?

MTV and RealNetworks: A sound decision? Techmeme. This is your brain on video games, ads. Squeezing green from the data center. Adobe brings high definition to Flash videos.

Wal-Mart selling DRM-free digital music.

Jason O'Grady: Wikiscanner reveals Apple's Wikipedia edits.

Photos: Future TVs

Ryan Stewart: Zoho adds offline functionality with Google Gears

Larry Dignan: Skype: Microsoft patches didn't spark our outage. Russell Shaw: GrandCentral on lifetime number reassigns: one of our "smaller carriers" blew it Steve O'Hear: Facebook wants to be your email client too


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