News to know: XP meets XO; Yahoo; Facebook; Verdiem; DIY phishing

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: It's finally official: XP is coming to the XO. Christopher Dawson: Sugar-free Windows, as predictedMicrosoft cuts backup from Windows Home Server PowerPackLarry Dignan: Icahn launches Yahoo proxy fight; Mark Cuban's return?

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: It's finally official: XP is coming to the XO. Christopher Dawson: Sugar-free Windows, as predicted

Larry Dignan: Icahn launches Yahoo proxy fight; Mark Cuban's return? Yahoo to Icahn: You misunderstand

Dancho Danchev: DIY phishing kits introducing new features

Heather Clancy: Verdiem spruces up its Survey PC power management software

Dion Hinchcliffe: Mashups turn into an industry as offerings mature

Michael Krigsman: 10 attributes of bad CIOs (self test)

Richard Koman: Comcast, Cox block BitTorrent 24/7. Om Malik: Whose Fault Is Traffic Shaping, App Blocking?

Jason O'Grady: Exclusive: First look at the Fast Mac U-Charge

Geekbench: Psystar v. Mac mini (and all three MacBooks)

Gallery: Installing a WiFi draft-n card in the Psystar

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft delivers another update to Office Live Workspace

Larry Dignan: Facebook: Google Friend Connect violates our privacy standards. Facebook: Thoughts on privacy. Robert Scoble: Facebook has a point where it comes to your privacy Techmeme

Reuters: UPDATE - Compuware 4th-quarter net profit falls AP: BMC Software 4Q earnings rise on licensing growth

Paul Murphy: Introduction to BIT

TechRepublic: Reduce Telecommunications Cost with SIP Trunks

Joe McKendrick: Does 'SOA lifecycle management' say it better than 'SOA governance'?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: OS security scorecard for Q1 08 - Do patch numbers mean anything to anyone?

WSJ: RIM Plans to Answer iPhone With Touchscreen BlackBerry

Dana Blankenhorn: Patent reform dead for 2008.

Medical companies celebrate death of patent reform

Paul Miller: Yahoo! frees the Monkey, and announces prizes for a Developer Challenge

Does the Kindle have iPod-ish potential?

Photos: Cracking open the Atari 2600

Dana Gardner: BriefingsDirect Insights analysts probe future of online advertising and find transactional lucre lurking

Andrew Nusca: VIA reveals world's lowest-power x86 processor on world's smallest board

BusinessWeek: Why Twitter Matters — Can the fledgling microblogging service become …

Matthew Miller: Aliph releases new Jawbone that is 50% smaller than the original

Mobius Seattle 2008; First impressions of the HTC Advantage X7510

Mobius Seattle 2008: SE, MWg, and HTC show off their devices

Dan Kusnetzky: Integrating mobile devices can be a challenge

Richard Koman: Verizon wins Homeland Security contract

Ryan Stewart: Flash Player 10 codename "Astro" goes beta

Photos: Where the building is the network

Roland Piquepaille: A robotic chef for your kitchen?

We've been acquired: CBS buys CNET. Techmeme buys; Bolsters reference content


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