Nook Simple Touch with 'no annoying ads' to drop to $99

Summary:Leaked documents suggest Barnes & Noble could be cutting the Nook Simple Touch's price to match the ad-supported Amazon Kindle Touch next week.

It looks like Barnes and Noble will not only be unveiling the Nook Tablet on Monday, but also dropping the price of its Nook Simple Touch to $99, as well as releasing an update (version 1.1) for the e-reader. According to leaked Nook documents obtained by Engadget and The Digital Reader, the update will bring about "25% faster page turns," a 2-month battery life, and "no annoying ads."

Is a price cut for the Nook Simple Touch coming next week? Image from Engadget

Is a price cut for the Nook Simple Touch coming next week? Image from Engadget

At $99 and with no ads, the Nook e-reader is definitely not bowing down to the new, ad-supported $99 Kindle Touch ($139 for the ad-free variant). And it looks like the Nook Color will be discounted to $199 and be given a software update that brings the likes of Hulu Plus and Pandora to the last-gen device.

A comparison of all Nook devices. Image from Engadget

A comparison of all Nook devices. Image from Engadget

But keep in mind this information has not been confirmed by B&N yet so this is all just speculation at the moment. Regardless of the specs and price, deciding between the B&N and Amazon device will come down to the type of content you consume -- do you usually read e-books in ePUB format from your public library, or do you tend to purchase new e-books from Amazon?

One way or another, we will find out just what B&N will really do with its Nook lineup next week. Tune into ZDNet's coverage of the press event on November 7!

[Source: Engadget, The Digital Reader]

Updated: Mentioned the Nook Color's price drop as detailed in the specs comparison chart.


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