Nuggets: It's Sony, small and it's having a birthday...

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Teeny, weeny, iccle Walkman records stuff (man)...

Sony celebrates the Walkman's 20th birthday with the launch of what it says will be the world's smallest recordable MiniDisc Walkman.

The snappily titled MZ-R55 is a slinky little number available in three colours -- yellow, gold and blue. It comes with a digital connection cable for CD-to-MD recording and editing is helped by A NIFTY backlit LCD screen as well as controls on the headphones to move and label the songs you've recorded (Try doing that on a Rio!)

If you want to sneak the MD into a gig, the Automatic Gain Control will keep the recording volume at a reasonable level. A three position switch controls the output of digital Mega Bass and two AA batteries, in conjunction with the rechargeable battery (supplied), give you up to 16 hours of playback.

Available in April, the MZ-R55 comes with an AC adapter, an optical cable, dry battery case and a carrying pouch.

No price yet.

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