Nvidia CEO: Windows RT is a keeper

Summary:"If you extrapolate it forward by a few years, it's hard to imagine how Win RT can't possibly, won't possibly be a wonderful PC," says Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Do you agree?

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is a big believer in Microsoft's Windows RT operating system and can't imagine how it "won't possibly be a wonderful PC."


Rest assured that Huang's take isn't exactly objective. Nvidia is a Microsoft partner on Surface with Windows RT. Nevertheless, Huang talked Android, tablets and noted that Windows RT will be a player.

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Huang likened Windows RT to Android's first tablet foray. At first, Nvidia looked too early and then the bet paid off. Here's a look at Huang's full comments following Nvidia's fourth quarter earnings:

I believe in tablets wholeheartedly. And it's an area, it's a segment of the marketplace that we are going to continue to invest in and be quite successful in. Win RT -- I believe it is essential, strategically essential for Microsoft to be on all of the major processors in the world, surely the highest volume processor in the world, as a software company, and an operating system company. It's a market they can't afford to ignore. And so, Win RT is surely going to be an important area for them.

Now, whether people see Win RT as a consumer tablet or as a PC is yet to be determined. But at the very minimum, if you extrapolate it forward by a few years, it's hard to imagine how Win RT can't possibly, won't possibly be a wonderful PC. We know exactly what it feels like on top of a Tegra 4, and it rocks. It's fantastic. And so, Win RT I think will be successful as well. Microsoft will have no choice but to continue to invest in it, and it's a great company. They will do something great with it.

Huang's comments are notable because you can spin in a circle and find someone who thinks Windows RT will be an orphan. Is Windows RT and orphan in the making or Microsoft's future?

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