NZ ICT minister shows how to tick boxes

Summary:Technology was a clear winner in last week's New Zealand budget, helped by a minister who ticks the boxes.

Technology was a clear winner in last week's New Zealand budget, helped by a minister who ticks the boxes.

When spending was slashed in other departments, ICT Minister Steven Joyce secured the final $942 million for New Zealand's broadband initiatives, as well as cash for other government IT projects.

After today's announcement of the final tranche of the government's broadband work, Steven Joyce can now rattle off a list of achievements in time for Election 2011:

Broadband was a central commitment of the National Government when it was elected in 2008, with Prime Minister John Key taking a personal interest in the policy.

This was why Key appointed the minister closest to him — Steven Joyce — to drive it through.

And drive it through Joyce has, with last week's u-turn on the "regulatory holiday" highlighting how this minister will do "whatever it takes" to make something happen.

He's also delivered on his other hats.

As tertiary education minister, he has delivered many initiatives and changes, and as transport minister, he's delivering road improvements and new motorways.

While many ministers got nothing last week, Joyce even secured budget funding for new trains!

It seems that to get something done, you just need to choose the right man to do it.

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