Office 2.0 Conference day one

Summary:David Allen discussed his 'getting things done' methodology with conference creator Ismael Ghalimi during the opening keynote session at the Office 2.0 conference at the St Regis Hotel, San Francisco.

David Allen discussed his 'getting things done' methodology with conference creator Ismael Ghalimi during the opening keynote session at the Office 2.0 conference at the St Regis Hotel, San Francisco.

The core of the methodology is to free up the sophisticated processing unit that is your brain by using techniques which allow you to move tasks out of your mind by recording them externally. Your mind is then freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and can concentrate on actually performing those tasks.

David was enthusiastic about Lotus Notes - there is a 'GTD' plugin coming soon - and the power of paper. The future could hold holographic modeling of ideas which would in some ways extend the spacial awareness mapping ideas on paper allows.

Google Keynote with Matthew Glotzbach

10 things that have changed over the past year for cloud computing users , and what people are now doing with cloud computing in the business landscape.

Matthew is talking about industrial strength platforms built on and Amazon's clouds offerings. Shorter time to market with less investment.

Lots of activity on Twitter on #o208, including a survey using Google survey on quality of Google's presentation!

We are now talking about Chrome, which is the technical name for all the user interface components. Google have eliminated much of this to speed up performance. In some ways Google's Chrome browser is a browser based OS, complete with V8 javascript engine.

Secure sharing of video in Google applications was announced on Tuesday for premium Google Apps users. Google claims '100's of thousands of paying customers' for all their apps services and this is accelerating rapidly. 3,000 new businesses sign up for apps every mention of how many of these are paying...

Dr. Sukh Grewal (GE)

Sukh started out as a rocket scientist at General Electric and now runs the 'supportCentral' collaboration space.

I'll be writing a longer post about GE, listening intently.

Online Community — Who Should Own It

Moderator: Robin Carey (Social Media Today) Panelists: Chris Andrasick (Tacit Knowledge), Don Bulmer (SAP), Jim Groff (PBwiki), Ross Mayfield (Socialtext), Mark Woollen (Oracle).

Ross Mayfield: it's all about the process owners: focus should be on redesigning businesses to redefine community. SAP/Bulmer - crowd rules dictate authenticity, and can challenge existing business process owners who can feel very threatened... I'll update this page during the day... You build a community by customers, output and expertise - Chris Andrasick, Tacit Knowledge

Breaking for lunch. It's tough to live blog a conference while helping to organize it!

Getting Things Done Moderator: Oliver Starr (GTD Times)

Panelists: David Allen (David Allen & Co.), Doreen Hartzell (Enleiten), Neil Mendelson (MindJet), Kevin Merritt (blist)

David Allen is on a panel discussing different online tools that help with application of David's 'getting things done' methodology. Oliver Starr of GTD Times is moderating.

Topics: Enterprise Software


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