Office 365: 1.5 days outage per month means you still pay half price

Summary:How much cloud downtime are you willing to put up with and still expect to have to pay the bill for the service?

How much cloud downtime are you willing to put up with and still expect to have to pay the bill for the service?

The Register has been talking to Microsoft about its new Office 365 service and discovered that even after an 1.5 day outage over a period of a month, Microsoft would expect you to pay 50% of the agreed monthly payment.

Here's the deal:

Under the service level agreement, customers receive 25 per cent off their monthly payment if uptime falls below 99.9 per cent to 99 per cent, half of the sum back if it falls below 99 per cent and a complete refund for anything under 95 per cent.

These figures allow for the cloud service to be down for up to 1.5 days per month (or 18 days a year) and you still end up picking up 50% of the bill for hosting.

Compare this to Google, which not only offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but which also counts downtime as part of planned maintenance as part of this service level agreement.

Which leads to the obvious question - how much cloud downtime would be acceptable for you if you have to pick up a bill for 50% of the total agreed amount?

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Downtime is an unfortunate fact of life for the cloud as it is for anything else in tech, but when you choose a service you need to factor in the cost of cloud downtime to your organization and see how this matches against what the company expects you to pay following a downtime episode.

What are your thoughts about the move to the cloud?

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