One more thing. Remembering Steve Jobs.

Summary:It's that truth of human frailty, manifested in someone so focused on perfection in all things, that truly gives me pause tonight. It takes my breath away. It's just so sad.

This is the single suckiest home page I think I've ever seen. Not because it's not well done, but because the news it represents is...heartbreaking.

We all knew this day was coming, and it's a poignant shame that it comes the day after Apple's next generation iPhone announcement. Even so, even with the awareness of Steve's failing health, even with the sudden announcement that he was resigning from Apple, even with all of that, this...hurts.

It hurts even more because, despite all of Steve's wealth, power, influence, and success, the simple truth is that human is human. No matter who you are, you are still mortal. It stinks that someone who accomplished so much has been betrayed by his own body, stealing years from a man who certainly earned the right to enjoy the twilight of his life.

It's that truth of human frailty, manifested in someone so focused on perfection in all things, that truly gives me pause tonight. It takes my breath away. It's just so sad.

I've disagreed with Steve Jobs more times than I care to count, but those disagreements were all with the awareness that Jobs brought something special and unique to the American dream.

Steve Jobs didn't just bring Apple computers, music players, and phones to the world. What Steve Jobs brought was elegance, discipline, crisp design, and a forceful sense of right and wrong.

Steve knew. He just knew what he wanted. He knew what would be right and what would have been right for any other technology executive, but wouldn't meet his standards.

Steve set the bar. It's not just that Apple eventually became a towering success, and not even that other technology vendors followed his lead. It's that Steve set the bar for excellence in product design and execution.

Steve revolutionized not just one industry, but many. He up-ended the PC business. He transformed the music business. Through Pixar as well as Apple, he fundamentally transformed much of movie making as well as movie distribution. He so totally altered the phone business that the entire Internet came to a screeching halt yesterday to just find out about the new iPhone.

America has often set its self-identity by standing on the shoulders of innovative giants. There was Henry Ford. There was Thomas Edison. There was John D. Rockefeller. There was William Randolph Hearst.

And then, then there was Steve Jobs.

There won't ever be one more "One more thing."

Goodbye, Steve.

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