Parc to supply content networking code to Android

The Palo Alto Research Centre has said that its content-centric networking code could create greater network efficiency and improve performance

Palo Alto Research Center, best known as Parc, has said it will submit some of its content-centric networking code to Android.

In an interview, Parc chief executive Mark Bernstein said that content-centric networking (CCN) is one of the research group's main areas of interest. In a nutshell, CCN aims to create a more efficient means to distribute content around the internet. Under CCN architecture, content would be secure at the packet level, intelligently cached and localised according to demand.

Currently copies of content are replicated in many locations to speed up download times. CCN would save on bandwidth and improve network performance. Bernstein added that CCN would work with existing TCP/IP architecture.

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see PARC to submit Content-Centric Networking code to Android on


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