Poll: Do you have Ice Cream Sandwich yet?

Summary:The latest version of Android is easily the best version to date, but not everyone has received an update yet. Respond to this poll so we can see how many readers are running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Having used Android 4.x, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, aka ICS, on both phones and tablets, I find it to be far better than earlier versions of Android. ICS on phones is particularly nice, with an attractive interface that seems to flow better than either Gingerbread or Froyo.

Tablets are better with ICS too, although I find it an incremental improvement over Honeycomb on the bigger screen. Honeycomb was also designed for the tablet, and ICS builds on that to be a solid upgrade.

I believe I am in an unusual position that my phone and tablet both have ICS. I hear regularly from folks who don't have the upgrade yet, and who desperately want it. It is obvious from comments on this blog that many of you are running Android so it makes sense to conduct a poll to see how widespread ICS is.

This isn't a scientific poll by any means, it's just a gauge for the readership to see how many are using ICS versus how many are still stuck on older versions of Android.

[poll id="14"]

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