Pressin' all the right buttons

Summary:A brick-and-mortar cellular-phone distributor faces special challenges as it went ahead with plans to adopt e-commerce solutions. Two years later, during ePhone's first Christmas season, on-line sales boosted revenues US$300 000.

While researching available solutions, Merrill learned of the middleware products and integration/ consulting services offered by McLean, Va.-based OneSoft. According to Merrill, ePhones chose OneSoft as the foundation for its site based on the following: easy customization; quick time to market; and the scalability needed for rapid growth, particularly in light of ePhones' e-franchising strategy.

Work began on the new site in December 1998. Based on ePhones' project requirements, OneSoft built a set of business rules that deliver location-dependent content to site visitors, and a series of XML-based templates, which enable ePhones and e-franchisers to edit the look and feel of the content. Business managers access the templates through a client application called OneCommerce OneWorkstation.

OneSoft also integrated the emerging Web site to ePhones' legacy ERP system for back-end order processing and fulfillment, using the XML-based back end of OneSoft's OneCommerce Enterprise Solution 2.0.

OneSoft also hosts ePhones' HTTP server and its OneCommerce application server.

Topics: E-Commerce, Mobility, Reviews, Telcos

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