Quotes of the Week, October 13-17

"We had a giggle when we saw the report from CI. We're seeing the opposite of the research here.

"We had a giggle when we saw the report from CI. We're seeing the opposite of the research here. We're focusing on second-time consumer buyers and we're finding that they're not looking for a £700 box if it doesn't contain all the trimmings." - Stephen Uignav, Dell's portable product manager, dismisses Computer Intelligence reports of growing demand for cheap PCs.

"[The corporate PC market] is about the stability of the product range. If you actually look at the corporate market, it's all about having a complete range of notebooks, PCs and servers, and Toshiba won't have that until the end of next year." - IBM's Billy O'Riordan on Tosh's Equium.

"There's no product overlap. It's a little bit trite but there's no competition out there." - McAfee boss Bill Larson on the Network General merger.

"When Intel moves the Pentium II to a 0.25-micron process next year, which they call Deschutes, we expect it to be between 110mm square and 120mm square. We believe we will be the first to get the sixth generation [of processors] into mobiles, ahead of Intel, with the 0.25 micron process." - AMD VP of marketing Dana Krelle.

"It's become just as cheap to make 3D/2D chips as 2D-only." - ATI's Norbert Kuperjans on the death of 2D-only graphics chips.

"They're doing a great job on the PR spin but it's all huff and puff. We've clearly outsold them in the second and third [calendar] quarters. They've been bleating on about the volumes they're going to do but where's the beef? The 166MHz and 200MHz K6 are on severe allocation. They're not out there because AMD can't make enough." - Cyrix UK boss Brendan Sherry sticks the boot in.


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