RFID: Can it help your business?

Summary:In 10 years almost everything will be tagged, say the experts. So what are these little chips that are soon to be so pervasive, and how will they take over your business?

Starving for standards
Secrets and trials
Chipping the chains
RFID a real asset
Future potential
Executive summary

Executive summary
  • RFID is an established technology, but new standards enable inter-organisation collaboration, eg along a supply chain.

  • UHF Gen 2 tags can be read using various frequencies allocated to RFID in different countries. There is broad support for Gen 2, and some organisations have been waiting for compliant tags so they can put their plans into effect.

  • Australia limits UHF readers to 1w, limiting the read range. This may change in the near future.
  • There is still a place for HF tags, especially in applications where the read range can be very short.
  • The EPCglobal Network will provide the infrastructure needed to provide and retrieve information about tagged items, supporting collaborative projects.

  • Australia is regarded as being behind the US and Europe in RFID adoption.

  • Supply chain and asset tracking are the two main areas for RFID projects.

  • RFID asset tracking may improve OH&S by removing the need for people to enter hazardous areas.

  • RFID potentially produces vast amounts of data. Mechanisms are needed to manage, filter and make sense of it all. Management by exception is considered a key approach.

  • Large-scale Australian RFID implementations are expected within five years -- less if it is needed to comply with government regulations or commercial mandates. Most items may be tagged within a decade.

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