Samsung Chromebook 3 now available: Best $200 Chromebook

First shown at the CES, Samsung is launching the Chromebook 3 that brings Intel Braswell technology for just $200.


Samsung Chromebook 3

Chromebooks are getting better hardware while keeping prices low. That's the case with the Samsung Chromebook 3 the company showed off early this year at CES.

The Chromebook 3 has good design and build quality typical of Samsung laptops, and with an Intel Braswell generation Celeron processor it's a good deal at $200.

Chrome OS is a lightweight OS that's always run well on earlier Celeron processors so this current generation CPU should run it quite well.

The Samsung Chromebook has an 11.6-inch display running at 1,366x768 so it's not high resolution but that's plenty for Chrome OS. It has 2GB of system RAM like other Chromebooks but Samsung will offer a 4GB model down the road. No word yet on timing nor pricing for the beefier Chromebook 3.


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It has 16GB of local storage and a microSD slot for additional capacity when needed. It has Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity to the web and accessories.

There is a HDMI and a USB 3.0 port to work with peripherals. Estimated battery life is 11 hours.

All of this is in a package weighing 2.5 pounds that is reinforced with a metal body for handling bumps on the road. It has a good ergonomic keyboard to round out the offering.

The Samsung Chromebook 3 is available for $200 from Samsung when it appears on its web site. Note: there is a Chromebook 3 on Amazon but it's an older version with an ARM processor. Don't confuse it with this new Chromebook 3 with the Intel CPU.


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