Samsung offers Galaxy S and Note accidental protection coverage similar to Apple Care+

There are lots of broken displays on iPhones and Samsung smartphones and now Samsung is offering accidental damage protection. Is this a smart purchase or not?

Many people purchase the Apple Care+ protection plan for their new iPhones and we now hear from SamMobile that Samsung is now offering a simililar plan called Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite for Galaxy S and Note products.

Protection Plus Mobile Elite can be purchased for Galaxy S4 and S5 smartphones for $99 while Note 3 and Note 4 owners will have to pay $129. When you file a claim, you will have to pay $75 for a S4 or S5 and $95 for a Note product. By comparison, Apple charges $99 for the Care+ coverage and $79 for each accidental damage claim.

Like Apple Care+, Samsung's service covers your phone for two years and includes accidental damage protection. Advanced exchange is also included with up to three claims allowed during the two year warranty period.

I used to always purchase Apple Care+ for my iPhone and then never ever make a claim. My daughter recently dropped a covered iPhone 5 and it ended up costing me $49 for screen replacement. Thus, the total to replace the screen was $150, which turns out to be the exact same price if I would have just walked in and had the screen replaced without any Apple Care+ coverage.

When I bought my new iPhone 6 Plus, I did not purchase the coverage since the most likely issue, display damage, costs the same as the coverage fee yet I only pay for it if I actually need it.

Do you purchase protection coverage for your new smartphones?


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