SCO bankruptcy called imminent

Summary:Groklaw reports, quoting documents filed by Novell, that SCO's bankruptcy is "inevitable" and "imminent."

Groklaw reports, quoting documents filed by Novell, that SCO's bankruptcy is "inevitable" and "imminent."

Novell was replying (PDF) to SCO's opposition to its motion for summary judgement, which could end the case. Pamela Jones of Groklaw also says the documents hint Microsoft and Sun were actually buying SCOSource licenses, and that revenue helped fund its legal campaign. As a final fillip, SCO asks for more discovery. (Bela Lugosi will always be the ultimate Dracula. Here he prepares to frighten Abbott & Costello.)

I have been predicting the end of this case for some time, but these sound a lot like final chords. Both sides have now been heard on Novell's motion for summary judgement, following the completion of all the discovery courts had allowed in the case.

If this is the end it seems to leave Novell in a curious position. In its deal with Microsoft, Novell appears to have granted Microsoft the power to claim that Microsoft holds the same kinds of rights to Linux that SCO claimed, and fourth quarter downloads indicate that many customers are taking those claims seriously.

So I don't care what the court says at this point. If the smart boys are stocking up on garlic, I'm picking up a stake. You bring the silver knife.  


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