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Summary:Exchange might be the most popular but is it the best? We test the alternatives.

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IBM Domino 6.5.3

The first cab off the rank is IBM with Domino Server 6.5.3. And with an array of access and administration options it is hard to know where to begin.

Firstly, one needs the actual Domino server installed, this in itself is not much to look at, just a console window with text-based status information and events in it. To administer, monitor, and configure this there are two options, the first is Domino Administrator which is a separate standalone application which interfaces with the Domino server.

The second option for administration, and technically more portable as it is Web based, is the browser admininistration interface. Both these administration interfaces are surprisingly similar and give the user full access to the overwhelming myriad of configuration options available.

While first impressions can be quite daunting it only took me about half an hour or so to be quite proficient in accessing and configuring the various settings.

Users accessing their e-mails have three Lotus specific interfaces to choose from as well as traditional e-mail clients. Although with many specific features available most deployments of Domino would be matched with a Lotus client. The three Lotus e-mail clients are, Lotus Notes, Domino Web Access, and Webmail.

Lotus Notes is a standalone e-mail client residing on the users desktop. Domino Web Access is accessed via a Web browser and is a rich browser client using dynamic HTML (DHTML) and Extensible Markup Language (XML), Webmail is a lightweight HTML client also accessed via a Web browser and is far simpler.

All in all, Lotus has put together a very configurable and customisable mail system with many options available to allow clients and systems integrators to tailor the system to the enterprises needs. If you are after a large-scale mail server then add Domino to your shortlist for evaluation.

Product Domino
Price AU$51.22 to AU$65.70 ex GST per user. Scenario 1 (200 users) AU$13,140 ex GST, Scenario 2 (30,000+ users) AU$1,544,000 ex GST.
Vendor IBM
Phone 132 426
Excellent cross-platform support, should cater for most enterprises preferred server architectures.
Extremely scalable and customisable.
Very well priced.
12 months maintenance, support and upgrades are included in the pricing.
IBM Domino 6.5.3

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IBM Domino 6.5.3

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IBM Domino 6.5.3

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