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Summary:Exchange might be the most popular but is it the best? We test the alternatives.

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Ipswitch iMail Server

Ipswitch sent us a really neat package called the Ipswitch Collaboration Suite premium edition which not only contains the iMail Server but e-mail and discussion lists, secure instant messaging, schedule and contact sharing, anti-spam filters, and antivirus protection.

We were only interested in the iMail Server for the purposes of this review. Installation could not have been easier, likewise the initial configuration. This package really is simple, unfortunately too simple. Perhaps a few years ago a mail server like this would have been quite good, however when compared to any of the other packages in this review the Ipswitch iMail Server lacks in many areas.

We decided not to can the product immediately but to press on and have a look at its Web messaging interface and Web calendaring. Unfortunately this was equally unimpressive, quite awkward and very basic. It may well have just been the design and layout but it seemed to lack the finish, features, and polish of all the other applications.

In summary perhaps iMail was a good server in the past, but it has seen its day and definitely is due for some graphical and feature overhauls. On the upside, at least not all of Ipswitch's products are like this, I can personally attest to the fact that its popular WSFTP and What's Up applications are both excellent products.

Product Ipswitch Collaboration Suite
Price Starting at US$1495
Vendor Ipswitch
Phone 1 781 676 5700
Windows environments only.
Variety of features included in the suite, however mail server is lacking when compared to the rest of the applications submitted for this review.
Fairly priced considering other applications bundled in the package.
12 months support is included in the price.
Ipswitch iMail Server

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