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Summary:Exchange might be the most popular but is it the best? We test the alternatives.

Basic Mail Server Security
IBM Domino
Ipswitch iMail Server
Kerio MailServer
Microsoft Exchange
Novell Groupwise
SuSE Linux OpenExchange
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Novell Groupwise 6.5

The last time we really had anything to do with Novell, apart from using it functionally as the University's e-mail system, was back in the dim dark days of 3.1 and 4.01. Things have certainly changed a fair bit since then.

Installation was straightforward, the Novell engineers who assisted the Lab with the installation suggested a large enterprise install and configure would take between five to eight hours. Management is excellent mostly being achieved remotely by Novell's centralised management tool called ConsoleOne. ConsoleOne can administer several Novell servers from the one administrative workstation.

For those interested in the behind the scenes nuts-and-bolts there is still a purely text-based interface on the server which mostly allows engineers to monitor activity and log events. It is always good to know that when the GUI stops responding there is still a CLI to turn to before panicking. As one would expect, Novell uses its directory service for the majority of the user and group control.

Groupwise should easily scale up to 30,000 or even 40,000 users. An interesting feature is Novell's quickfinder technology which integrates a document management indexing and search facility into the users interface that is updated periodically (default is once every 20 hours) that allows authorised users to search through global or group document stores for keywords.

Overall a powerful package with perhaps not so many customisable options as Domino, but still worthy of evaluation if a large-scale mail server deployment is on the cards.

Product Novell GroupWise
Price Approx $160 per user per 12 months (basic pricing)
Vendor Novell
Phone 03 9520 3500
Netware, Linux and Windows platforms supported which gives SME's an adequate choice of servers to run.
Extremely scalable and customisable.
Relatively expensive particularly when support costs are added.
One off incident telephone support is quite expensive. Support is also available via subscription.
Novell Groupwise 6.5

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