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Summary:Exchange might be the most popular but is it the best? We test the alternatives.

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Novell/SuSE Linux OpenExchange Server 4 (PostFix)

If a company has a requirement for a basic, easy-to-administer mailserver, then OpenExchange Server 4 must be on the shortlist for evaluation.

And before the Microsoft proponents out there start jumping up and down about us recommending Linux and its lack of formal support and how it has been mashed together by a rogue bunch of anarchistic hackers so it may not be around tomorrow, SuSE was bought last year by Novell.

So there should be plenty of support and future for this product, now it is the Linux community who can start ranting and raving about the coming of the end of the world through the commercialisation of some Linux distributions.

Installation and full configuration takes less than a couple of hours. Management is easily completed via a well-featured interface accessible through any Web browser. The underlying mail server used is called Postfix. In the basic, and even advanced, graphical configuration windows OpenExchange misses some more obscure and complex configuration options, however for all the diehards there is a page for manually changing the and postfix config files.

The menu system is well setup allowing for easy management of users and groups. Of particular note on the monitoring side of things is administrative access to a very impressive range of round robin database tool (RRDtool) graphs. For those familiar with multi router traffic grapher (MRTG) you will be familiar with the type of output Tobi Oetiker's applications produce. In the OpenExchange monitoring system RRDtool is used to show.

  1. System overview (CPU usage, system load, memory usage, processes, and swap-file)
  2. Disk I/O (I/O rates)
  3. Partitions (Free space)
  4. Network traffic (I/O etc)

If you are in the market for a basic mail server that is easy to use and monitor, then definitely look at Novell's SuSE Linux OpenExchange Server 4.

Product Novell Open Exchange
Price AU$1715 for server and first 10 clients for 12 months -- extra client starting from AU$65/12 months
Vendor Novell
Phone 03 9520 3500
Linux environments only.
Quite an impressive feature set considering the ease of deployment, administration and use.
Relatively expensive particularly when support costs are added.
One off incident telephone support is quite expensive. Support is also available via subscription.
Novell/SuSE Linux OpenExchange Server 4 (PostFix)

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