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Summary:Warning: The following is a blatant attempt to encourage you to contribute to the GestureBank.I have been staring at the GestureBank 100 list for the last few minutes.

Warning: The following is a blatant attempt to encourage you to contribute to the GestureBank.

I have been staring at the GestureBank 100 list for the last few minutes. Just waiting for something to jump out at me. (Note: you have to be a contributor to the GestureBank open metadata pool to try this at home.) Something just I spent the afternoon with Tom Maddox of Opinity recording a conversation for his podcast, and then two more hours chewing it over some more. Tom was loaded for bear--determined to get to the bottom of Attention, Gestures, Office Deadness, and so on. I think he got most of what he was shooting for, though Office didn't make the recording.

So I see Tom's company site and decide to find the blog he produces, and then I see Feedburner's feed to email tool. Now I'm subscribed in email of all things. Just wanted to see what the process was. This Web thing may have legs, I think. Thanks to Doc Searls' pointers to Lee Abrams' Dylan posts, I stumbled across the entire first chapter of the Dylan book, which is easily the best chapter I've read of any book I've read since Moby Dick. Seriously, it's collosal, as Dylan says in an NPR audio stream I found buried in Doc's linkosphere. These links are pretty nifty for a dead technology, Doc. Gotta hand it to you.

I explored GigaOm's new Feedbunrer doodads today (somewhere on the GB100 page therefore.) One of them resized my Firefox tabbed console, which took several passes to restore because I saw myself being sucked into a Delicious competitor and didn't complete the workflow. I presume that would have brought me back to my settings, but it pissed me off so I'll never know. As a result I forget what the other one did, though it was less disruptive (in the old bad way we used to use the word) and I liked the fact that the Syndisphere is expanding. Net: be careful, no surprises please, certainly no extra IT work thank you.

It's almost midnight and I still haven't mixed the new Gillmor Gang, a special edition recorded Wednesday with Syndicate keynoters Jeff Jarvis, Richard Edelman, Amanda Congdon, Doc Searls, and Crunchboy, who will be in Spain instead but has apparently been booked for Syndicate Moon Orbit (actually SF in October.) The episode concludes with a nifty cliffhanger, so I better get it on the grid so that we can all hang together. If I can just tear myself away from the GB100...

Oh my, Hugh has just gone berzerk again. Yum. 


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