Six thin clients reviewed

Summary:In the first instalment of a two-part review on thin clients, we look at thin-client terminals.


Product/Model Name TK-3370CE / WBT-370CE Maxter 8300B Sun Ray 170
Vendor Ipex / Volante Maxspeed Australia & NZ Sun Microsystems
Telephone 03 9242 5000 02 6884 5922 03 9869 6200
Web site
RRP (inc GST) AU$671 AU$999 AU$1530
Standard warranty 12 months 3 years, with immediate replacement 3 years
Form Factor      
Modular terminal Yes Yes N/A
Panel with integrated terminal N/A N/A Yes
Size (HxWxDmm) 232x51x212 330x54x256 406.8x376.7x211.4
CPU 533MHz-standard; 733/800MHz - optional 800MHz N/A
Memory std/max (MB) 128MB DDR (up to 512MB) 256MB SDRAM (up to 512MB) N/A
Operating system Windows CE 5.0 Windows XP (Can change with compact flash) No local operating system
Communication Protocols      
Citrix ICA 8.0 Yes Yes
Microsoft RDP 5.1 Yes Yes
Citrix Nfuse Yes No Yes
Web Browser IE 6.0 IE 6.0 Yes
Java Scripts only 1.4 Yes
Other (please specify) Windows Media Player 9.0; PXE, or FTP for standard image update. Complete line of terminal emulations including IBM 5250 & 3270, Ericom Powerterm etc. Tarantella (AIP), NX (Compressed-X).
10/100 Yes Yes Yes
10/100/1000 No No No
Encrypted VPN support (type) MPPE/PPTP; L2TP/IPSec PPTP No
Optional wireless support PCI, or PCMCIA cards Yes No
I/0 Ports (and number)      
Serial 1 1 2
Parallel 1 1 No
PS/2 2 2 No
USB 2 (USB 2.0) 2 4
VGA 1 1 Projector out port, video-in port
PCMCIA 1 (optional) 1 No
Audio Speaker and Mic Jacks (CODEC VT1612A) 1 3
Smart card 1 (optional) Aladdin eToken pro Yes
Other DVI video interface via optional PCI card    

Product/Model Name Itona TC3541-CE PC Reviver PCR1000 S30
Vendor VXL Thin Systems Wyse Technology
Telephone 02 4329 5777 02 4329 5777 1300 88 9973
Web site
RRP (inc GST) AU$549 AU$199 AU$650
Standard warranty 3 years RTB 1 year RTB 3 years
Form Factor      
Modular terminal Yes N/A Yes
Panel with integrated terminal N/A N/A N/A
Size (HxWxDmm) 240x267x50 N/A 40x180x12
CPU VIA 800MHz N/A AMD Geode GX2 533MHz
Memory std/max (MB) 64MB N/A 128/128MB
Operating system Windows CE Linux Microsoft CE 5.0
Communication Protocols      
Citrix ICA Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft RDP Yes Yes Yes
Citrix Nfuse Yes Yes Yes
Web Browser Yes Mozilla Yes
Java No No No
Other (please specify) Ericom terminal emulation. N/A Support for Citrix secure gateway, SSL Cert plugin capability via modular add-ons
10/100 Yes PC dependent Yes
10/100/1000 No PC dependent N/A
Encrypted VPN support (type) PPTP PC dependent PPTP
Optional wireless support Yes Yes Yes
Optional wireless support      
Serial 1 PC dependent 1+ 1 additional with S-Dock
Parallel 1 PC dependent 1 optional with S-Dock replicator
PS/2 2 PC dependent 2 optional with S-Dock
USB 4 (1.1 USB) PC dependent 4
VGA Yes PC dependent 1
PCMCIA No PC dependent N/A
Audio Yes PC dependent Mic and headphone
Smart card Option PC dependent N/A
Other N/A N/A Additional port replicator available called S-Port adds Serial and LPT ports

Topics: Hewlett-Packard, Innovation

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