Six thin clients reviewed

Summary:In the first instalment of a two-part review on thin clients, we look at thin-client terminals.

Ipex WBT 370CE
MaxTerm 8300B
Sun Ray 170
VXL Itona
Wyse S30
Asterisk PC reviver
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What to look out for
  • Size/security: Many thin clients are a fair bit smaller and more portable than their distant relatives and therefore could conceivably "walk" easier. While we can't really envisage thieves having a ready market for "hot" thin clients, opportunistic thieves would probably pick up anything that wasn't screwed down so ensure you can physically secure your thin clients. Some can even be attached to, or integrate with, the monitors.

  • Pre/post sale support: If your company is taking its first tentative steps into the thin-client market, ensure that the business you choose to supply/support your move can give you everything you are likely to require, in particular training and support to your engineers while they handle the deployment, and initial management tasks. While they appear straightforward they are in reality like most things IT quite difficult to setup and configure correctly.

  • Administration methods: Each brand can have very different management/administration software applications. As these applications are generally remotely based and provide your administrator(s) with their eyes on the thin-client pool, you need to ensure that the vendors applications can handle every task you are likely to need. From client backups to re-imaging both single and multiple clients.

  • Employee acceptance/policies: Ensure that if you are migrating from traditional desktop PC's (thick clients) to a thin-client environment that you do your homework to ensure the needs of all employees will be catered for, part of this may be holding regular information sessions for employees to ask questions, learn about the technology, and take notes. From this an employee thin-client policy could be created, ensuring there is no misconceptions or miscommunication as to what could be expected from the changeover.

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