So you've lost your locked smartphone or tablet? Here's how to get it back...

Summary:You're locking your smartphone now? Good. But how can people get it back safely into your hands if you lose it? Here's a guide for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users...

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Part 2: Android

If you have Jelly Bean or better this option is baked in for you. I'm grateful to my Twitter friend Terence Eden for patiently pointing this out to me despite my remonstrations that I didn't think it was there...

Go into Settings - Security, and under there you will find Owner Info.

Android - Security menu
The "Security" menu on Jelly Bean, showing the "Owner info" option.

Go into that, put whatever you want in:

Android - Configure owner info
Configuring owner information on Android.

...and that information will appear on the lock screen.

Android - Lock screen
Owner information displayed on the Android home screen.

OK, so that's easy, and well worth doing.

Part 1: Setting up an iPhone

Part 3: Finding your phone

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