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Track top topics and other readers' comments with the new alert service...

Track top topics and other readers' comments with the new alert service...'s new email alert system will ensure you are always kept up to date with the latest news on business and tech topics that mean the most to you.

Simply click on the 'Alert' button you see in the ribbon at the top of every story, and you'll be given the option of setting up an alert based on the keywords in the story. The email alert will be sent to you as often as you like; either daily, weekly or monthly. And, of course, you can turn off alerts whenever you want to.

Set up alerts based on keywords in stories

You can set up alerts based on keywords in stories by clicking on the 'Alert' button shown here

If you want alerts on a specific topic, you can also use the search engine to do this. Simply search for the specific term you want to set up an alert for, and then click the 'Email alert' button.

Set up alerts based on search

You can set up alerts for a specific topic using's search engine - just click the 'Email alert' button shown

You can also track new comments on an article to ensure you keep up with what other members think of important stories. When making a comment on a story, simply tick the box that says 'Receive email alerts when other people comment on this story', and you'll receive email updates when other members add their thoughts. You can even name your alert to make it easier to spot.

alerts on

Want to set up an alert to let you track reader comments? It's easy: simply tick the box shown here

To take advantage of's new email alerts system, all you have to do is be a member of It's free, easy and only takes a minute to join. Follow the link to find out more about the benefits of's free membership - including our free email newsletters and access to our white paper library and DecisionMakers research panel.


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