T-Mobile Talk Forever VoIP? Too early to tell

I've been trying to wrap my head around the uptake possibilities for T-Mobile's new Talk Forever VoIP-type service.It's now live in Seattle and Dallas.


I've been trying to wrap my head around the uptake possibilities for T-Mobile's new Talk Forever VoIP-type service.

It's now live in Seattle and Dallas. Basically, your additional costs above the T-Mobile HotSpot@ Home Foreverwould be $50 for the router and then  $10 per month for unlimited local and long distance calling.

I think the fortunes of this offering will largely depend on its configurability, actual simplicity and quality of service. Plus, this offering ideally should appear on a single bill with your T-Mobile cell service.

My colleague Matt Miller- who covers mobile AND lives in the Seattle area, is set to try this out. Given where Matt is geographically, and topically, Matt's thought Hot Spot @ Home Forever- and has these questions:

  • Can I trial this service with a given number and then port my existing home phone number if it passes my tests?
  • Can you choose just one or the other of the two HotSpot @Home services if you don’t want both services?
  • Since this is a T-Mobile number, if I call home from my T-Mobile cell are these call free since it is essentially T-Mobile to T-Mobile?
  • What is the cost of the router if I don’t make a 2-year commitment and are there any minimum service commitments?
  • I understand there are some basic phone features included, but what are the specific functions/operations of voicemail (such as can I access my voicemail via the internet, can I have messages email to me, etc?)
  • Will adding this service void the grandfathered family text messaging plan I have now (all 4 phones have unlimited text messaging for US$10)?
  • Since there is a WiFi router as part of the service, can I also use a VoIP wireless phone too?
  • Can I receive incoming faxes or send faxes with this service?
  • I heard there are two SIM card slots in the router, what is the second card slot for?

Matt will post these answers, I am sure. And then I will grok them and get back to all of you with my reax.


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