TechBizz Australia: Full panel discussion video

Summary:Tech and business leaders from Kogan, brandsExclusive, Australian Institute of Management, Agsure, and Lindsay Australia talk about the issues that are driving change in IT decision making.

Held on July 17, 2013, TechBizz Australia arrived at the Sydney Opera House to discuss the technology and business issues that are affecting small and medium business today. Amongst the topics discussed were cloud computing, data analytics, mobility, BYOD, and technology governance.

Joining ZDNet Australia editor Chris Duckett on the panel were:

  • James Rogers, general manager, Agsure

  • Shaun Gamble, CIO, Lindsay Australia

  • Dana Teahan, CIO, Australian Institute of Management

  • Goran Stefkovski, director of technology, Kogan

  • Rolf Weber, co-founder and joint managing director, brandsExclusive

While most of the businesses represented on the panel employ a hybrid model of each, all agreed on the increasing importance of cloud and BYOD within the enterprise.

"There are so many cloud options that everyone should find a cloud," said Stefkovsk. "Don't be afraid at the start to try things, sign up to trial services to see if it works for you, touch base with the account management team, find the best way to do things, and, if something doesn't work, change it."

"Don't confuse a tool with a solution," added Teahan.

Video length: 1 hour, 32 minutes

Topics: TechBizz, Australia


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