Telstra to port ONESeniors' landline numbers

Summary:Vocus Communications has confirmed that ONESeniors customers' existing landline numbers are available to be ported by their new providers.

Vocus Communications has revised its announcement that it made on Wednesday where customers of the failed over-55s telecommunications business, ONESeniors, were going to lose their landline numbers permanently .

Vocus initially said as new receivers of the company, it was going to terminate supply agreements with Telstra. However, the company has said Telstra confirmed that customers will be able to ask their new providers to transfer their existing numbers.

"In the majority of cases, Telstra should be able to extract those numbers from quarantine, ensuring customers can retain existing landline numbers with new providers," said Vocus Communications in statement.

"This is a win for customers and good news for those still to put new supply arrangements in place."

This will be a relief to ONESeniors customers who lost service when the telecommunication business went into administration on 2 May, and were then they would not be reconnected .

Vocus emerged last week as the buyer of the business and customer-base of iBOSS, One Telecom and ONESeniors, after the companies were forced into administration.

Since then, Vocus has been in talks with iPrimus to offer new services to customers whose connection had been cut off.

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