The 10 most expensive and cheapest cities in the world in 2014

Summary:There are beautiful cities in the world with many perks, but which ones will burn the biggest hole in your pocket to live in?

London, Paris, Sydney -- all of these cities are known for expensive housing, food and bills -- but also beautiful landscapes, monuments, and history.

Living in one of these places, however, does not necessarily mean your quality of life will lower. Depending on job, salary, and assets, you can live as happy a life in these places as other areas with lower rates to live.

According to Expatistan, which calculated a "cost of living index" for hundreds of cities, London is 27 percent more expensive to live in than Paris, and Los Angeles is 1306 percent more expensive than in Valencia.

We can't forget that there are many perks to living in larger, more expensive areas, but there are are also less popular, but no less beautiful, areas to live.

See below for the top ten most expensive, and cheapest, cities to live in this year.

The top ten most expensive cities

10. Copenhagen, Denmark  

 9. San Francisco, United States  
 8. Paris, France  


Picasa 2.7
 7. Singapore, Singapore  


 6. Lausanne, Switzerland

Didier Zmilacher
 5. New York City, United States
 4. Zurich, Switzerland
 3. Geneva, Switzerland
 2. Oslo, Norway

1. London, United Kingdom


The top ten cheapest cities to live

10. Murree, Pakistan

9. Chişinău, Moldova

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

7. Delhi, India

6. Bangalore, India

5. Madras, India

4. Pune, India

3. Hyderabad, India

2. Kolkata, India

1. Caracas, Venezuela

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