The best of the Microsoft MVP 2011 summit tweets (so far)

It's that time again. Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals -- the company's all-volunteer army of enthusiasts -- are in Redmond for another MVP Summit. And they're lighting up Twitter.

It's that time again. Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals -- the company's all-volunteer army of enthusiasts -- are in Redmond the week of February 28 for another MVP Summit.

The MVPs have been warned against tweeting anything covered by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). The Softies know all too well that many of us Microsoft watchers pay close attention to the MVP twitter streams around this time of year, just in case anyone drops a codename, a ship date or other tidbit of interest.

On February 28, .Net Developer Platform Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie is keynoting the summit. On March 1, CEO Steve Ballmer and Corporate Vice President of Online Services Ron Markezich are keynoting. Attendees also get updates from various product teams throughout the week -- and customized hockey jerseys.

So far, the MVPs have been minding their Ps and Qs (and NDAs). But that doesn't mean there haven't been a few tweets that caught my eye. Here are my favorites (so far):

@BrentO Everybody who thought you'd get a free Windows Phone 7 at #mvp11, I've got two words for you: mouse pad.

@tromboneforhire If anyone on the bus asks, I want to say I am a KIN MVP. Think that'll fly? @mvp11

@DavidGiard Day 1 of #MVP11. Looking forward to being the dumbest guy in every room.

@GFritchey @SQLSarg you do snore.

@StrateSQL Bus is starting to rebel. Driver has no idea where campus is. #mvp11

@ChrisLove Watching @keithelder work the room like a good southern politician. Yep just kissed another baby... #mvp11

@MidnightDBA Sean's hair is very fluffy today,a nd @mrdenny looks pretty. #NotNDA #MVP11

@wbm A quick trip to the apple store to learn how to hard reset and fix my iPad. (Ooops. Not an #mvp11 tweet, but definitely a tweet by a Microsoft MVP)

@bsimser Awesome presentation at #mvp11. Windows Phone 7 will impregnate your cat and do your dishes! Can't wait for the update now.

@sbohlen OH: "I don't know what half these things do, but we'll have support for all of them in vNext." #mvp11'

@PeterRitchie Free Windows Foam 7 at #mvp11 Woohoo!

@carlosfigueroa I just realized I'm the ONLY Ecuadorian at #mvp11, and tomorrow is "Hug an Ecuadorian" Day.

@buckwoody Little known #MVP11 factoid: Oprah stops by tomorrow to give everyone in the audience a Segway. (batteries not included)

And MVPs: I'll be here all week. So if you want to make it onto this regularly updated list, keep those 140-character, one liners coming.... And if anyone needs directions on how to get around the Redmond campus without a car, I'm your woman.


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