The Hardware 2.0 survey

Summary:Make your views known and take part in the the Hardware 2.0 survey!

For months now I've wanted to run a survey on Hardware 2.0 to get a better feel for the readers that come here regularly.  Some of you I know pretty well from the TalkBack comments that get left on posts but there's a much larger, silent readership here that I'd like to hear from.  In fact, I'd appreciate it if everyone took a stab at the questionnaire.

What follows are a bunch of tech-related questions.  The idea is simple - the answers should give me a clearer idea of the kind of readers I get on Hardware 2.0 and help me target posts at different types of reader.

Don't feel that you have to answer every question but I'd appreciate it if you could answer as many as possible.

Thanks for your time!

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[poll id=208]

[poll id=209]

[poll id=210]

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