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The Hidden Cost of Compliance (Infographic)

Summary:Database auditing is an integral part of every organization’s compliance protocol, but the built-in auditing tools that come with your database exact a heavy toll on hardware, software, storage, and human resource costs.

Businesses have to comply with data protection statutes in more than 100 countries around the world, and database auditing is a prerequisite for success. Most companies feel that the auditing tools built into their database servers are sufficient for this task, but those tools bring a host of hidden costs. This infographic highlights the additional hardware, software, storage, and labor costs associated with built-in auditing tools, and it illustrates important business considerations such as:

  • The top-ranked compliance mandates for companies.
  • The millions in hidden costs lurking behind built-in tools.
  • The dramatic savings that automated database audit and protection solutions provide.

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