The plane facts: protestors v. pilots

Summary:There's a new air war being fought in Britain. This time it's not prop fighters and German bombers.

There's a new air war being fought in Britain. This time it's not prop fighters and German bombers. It's commercial airplane pilots versus global warming protestors.

The pilots claim their planes are not major sources of greenhouse gases, and are actually a more eco-friendly way to move people around than other forms of transportatoin. The pilots' association asked the protestors for a meeting and debate. The protestors call the pilots' position "scientifically illiterate." Meanwhile, protest leaders say they've got other things to do right now. Maybe later.

The anti-Heathrow protests are going on this week near London. So far only a few arrests and no cancelled flights. Heathrow wants to add a fourth runway to the largest, busiest airport in Britain.

As for information on airplanes and what they do to the atmosphere: Research and speculation on plane-emitted pollution goes back several years. Even now NOAA is monitoring emissions from jets over North America. Here's their website.

Now I've got a shocker for you: the current FAA has been accused of not really caring how much greenhouse gas jets spew into the air. Can you even fathom a U.S. government agency that is more concerned with corporate profits than the good of the planet? Why, that's ordinary.

Here's what a government watchdog group said about the FAA and greenhouse gases from planes earlier this week.

Planes do emit CO2, carbon monoxide, methane and nitrous oxide among other goodies.

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