Thinkin different

Can SOA change the culture of software? Let's hope so.

Can SOA change the culture of software? Let's hope so. As Kristin Zhivago notes of software buyers, demand is in decline. "They have already been badly burned by 'revolutionary' systems like CRM and ERP. Some of them almost killed their own companies trying to put these systems into place (and almost did it again when they had to remove those same systems)."

They are not about to be impressed by "flowery promises," shea argues. "They don't trust any promises; too many promises have been broken by everyone in the software business, from Microsoft (the biggest promiser and promise-breaker of all time) on down."

SOA presents the opportunity to sell software-driven solutions in increments, building on the value that is delivered and demonstrated. It means rethinking and reorganizing, butsuch an approach promises to take software -- and IT overall --to new levels of value.


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