Through a glass starkly: PRISM and BLARNEY are good things

Summary:A lot of people are so angry about the government's "spying" programs that they're not really seeing the bigger picture. The big picture is that government surveillance is good. Yes, good.

No one likes to feel like they're being spied on or being watched for no reason but I'll tell you that it makes me feel safer to know that my government watches out for me. Yes, that's right, I, the paranoid, hater of most things government, actually appreciate the fact that my government is doing something useful with my tax money. I personally would give them more power to do more surveillance and more snooping if it prevented a single act of terrorism, especially if those acts affect children. My premise is that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about. And frankly, I want to be protected.

If you have something to hide, I don't want it hidden. I want it exposed. If you're building bombs in your garage, if you're crazy and you're searching for How-Tos on the Internet for IEDs, or if you're one of these insurrectionist types, I want you found out and imprisoned.

"I'll demand that the government be 100 percent transparent when the criminals of this world are 100 percent transparent."

I have the right to feel safe in my home, in my city, and in my country. And if my safety invades your privacy that you don't deserve because you're doing something that you shouldn't be doing, then so be it. Your freedom stops where mine begins.

How often do we see incidents like Oklahoma City, the school in Connecticut, or Columbine and say, "Wow, someone should have done something." I don't want to attend any family member's funeral knowing that something could have been done to prevent these heinous acts but wasn't done because people might be upset because they were spied on. 

"Drink your pint, surf your porn, complain about your job to your mates, and feel safe that your government cares enough to protect you in those noble endeavors."

Go to London where there are thousands of video cameras. The cameras might deter crime because the criminals will be seen. And they'll be caught even if their crimes aren't prevented because they're being spied on. People who follow the law don't have to worry. So what if someone sees you picking your nose or meeting your mistress—those are your issues. Neither jeopardizes my safety or my children's safety. No one cares about your petty nonsense. The government and law enforcement are after criminals and I want them to be enabled to do so.

And don't spout rhetoric to me about Nazis or Police States or any 'blarney' about how your privacy is being compromised. You've watched too much television or watched too many movies. This is real life. And again, no one cares about your petty nonsense. If you aren't breaking the law, relax, you're going to be OK. Drink your pint, surf your porn, complain about your job to your mates, and feel safe that your government cares enough to protect you in those noble endeavors.

We pay taxes for such protection against those who mean to harm us. If you don't want to have the government spy on would-be bad guys, then we should all carry guns like they did back in the "Old West." Yes, you have a right to your privacy. No one should take that away. But the funny thing is that criminals are spying on you and they want to hurt you financially and physically. You have to fight fire with water. We have to be as vigilant and energetic in protecting ourselves as the criminals are at trying to harm us, our children, and our bank accounts.

Additionally, our government can't be 100 percent transparent. Some things have to be kept secret. Secrets protect your security. If you're one of these 100 percent transparency types, then print your bank account numbers, passwords, and Social Security number on a T-shirt and wear it everywhere you go. Be transparent with your dealings. You think it's OK for you to keep secrets but want to forbid the government to do it. I'll demand that the government be 100 percent transparent when the criminals of this world are 100 percent transparent.

Your precious privacy might suffer a bit for the government to watch your emails, your surfing habits, or your texts but the government won't steal your identity, empty your bank account, use your Social Security number for illegal workers, or in attempt to kill you and your family.

Grow up, take your medicine, eat your veggies, and let the government protect you.

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Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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