Time to upgrade: iPhone 5s or Android?

The lure of a new phone has me thinking about upgrading the iPhone 4s. What I can't decide is if I want the new iPhone 5s or another Android phone.

iPhone 5s
Image: Apple

I have two smartphones, an iPhone 4s with Verizon and a Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint. The Note 2 has a way to go before qualifying for an upgrade but the iPhone 4s can be upgraded now. I'm having a hard time deciding what to trade for on Verizon.

The reason I keep two phones is to keep familiar with the two major platforms for my work. That's expensive but for the longest time I kept four phones on the four major carriers in the US for the same reason. A couple of years ago I decided I was no longer willing to pay the equivalent of a small mortgage payment monthly so I dropped two of the carriers.

The Galaxy Note 2 is the phone I use daily and I like it a lot, although the sensitive buttons on the sides have been irking me lately. It is getting a bit long in the tooth as I've dropped it a few times. Nothing's broken, but the plastic back is getting hard to attach securely so a new phone is a good idea.

I'm tempted to trade the iPhone 4s for the iPhone 5s so I can keep up to date with iOS. I've always liked the iPhone and I'm pretty sure I'd like the 5s.

Galaxy Note 3
Image: Samsung

As logical as it seems to do the iPhone for iPhone swap, I admit the Galaxy Note 3 is tempting me. I've really liked the Note 2 and expect I would be happy with the Note 3.

The problem is if I get a Note 3 then I'll have two Android phones, and a Note 2 and 3 at that. That limits keeping up with both iOS and Android, the whole point of having two phones and carriers. Decisions, decisions.

At least I'm not in a hurry to decide as both my current phones work just fine. It's more like that upgrade is burning a hole in my pocket.

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Any suggestions on a good phone to get will be appreciated so please leave them in the comments below. I'm willing to consider getting a Windows Phone, but past usage is holding me back. While I've gotten used to the live tile interface on my Windows 8 tablet, I never did on Windows Phones. The UI never grew on me but I'm giving it some thought.

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