Top Android news of the week: Galaxy S7 soon, Samsung touch screen, LG's two new phones

This week in Android it was much about Samsung, with word of a new phone for China, that the company will start using its own touch screen, and word of a March launch of the Galaxy S7.


Samsung to bring flagship phone to China

A rumor has popped up that Samsung is working on the A9 Pro for the Chinese market. The A9 has a six-inch display and given the Pro designate it is likely the Chinese phone will be a high-end version of the A9.

Source: Android Community

Samsung to use own touch digitizer for Galaxy S7

In a smart move by Samsung of true, it is reported that the company will use its own touch screen for the Galaxy S7. This would extend control over its own devices, both supply and cost. Moving to its own screen components would give a hit to Samsung's current suppliers.

Source: Android Community


LG to launch two phones this year

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PC, tablet and smartphone trends, and the rise of the hybrid

Desktop PCs are not going away anytime soon, and nor are traditional laptops or slate-style tablets. But all are retreating into their core niches and therefore selling in decreasing numbers.

LG is looking to grow its phone business and will launch two new phones this year as part of the effort. The effort is the result of a big loss in its smartphone division in the last quarter of last year. The loss is significant following a big gain in the same quarter of the previous year.

Source: CNET


Galaxy S7 to launch in Europe next month?

Rumors have pegged the US launch of the Galaxy S7 on March 11, and now another puts the European launch on the same date. The Galaxy S7 is Samsung's next flagship phone and the rumored rollout date would coincide withe the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Source: Android and Me


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