Top five PC manufacturers fail naked PC test

Summary:A ZDNet special investigation into buying PCs without an operating system from the top five PC vendors uncovered a litany of conflicting advice and confused instructions

Lenovo: Refunds not possible

Lenovo Thinkpad T60
In an email, a Lenovo spokesperson told us: "Lenovo has designated two 'Linux' ready models which ship with a DOS operating system allowing the user to install Linux on a clean hard disk. I can confirm that there are two Linux models: the ThinkPad T60p UT08YUK and the ThinkPad T60p UT08ZUK."

But despite repeated requests, Lenovo could not say how customers could buy either of these models.

Lenovo adopted the same policy as Dell, HP and Toshiba over claiming a refund on unused Windows software. The spokesperson added: "In line with the licence agreement, and because the software is pre-installed, Lenovo does not offer refunds for those looking to remove the software."

Lenovo's call centre could not identify any machines with a clean hard disk, only those with Windows. It said it used to give a refund for customers who returned Windows software, but said refunds now "won't be possible".

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